May training camps for hockey players in St. Petersburg

4 training days: 6 hours of ice, 1 hours of OFP/SFP, 2 hours of throw training on synthetic ice, 1 hours of video analysis and theory, entertainment program!
for fielders and goalkeepers
Training process Eagles Camp
  • 2h of ice
    Emphasis on power skating, puck control while moving, shots and passes, balance, coordination and functionality
  • 1h of GPT, SPT
    Hockey players are divided into two groups: senior and junior.

    Dry workouts alternate every other day GPT/throw
  • 1h of training of shoots
    Hockey players are divided into two groups: senior and junior.

    Dry workouts alternate every other day GPT/throw
  • 30 minutes of stretching
    At the end of the training process, stretching is mandatory!

    30 minutes of stretching for each group
  • Training for goalkeepers
    Eagles Camp - not only for field players, but also for goalkeepers.

    The guys are engaged separately from the field with their goalkeeping coach.
  • Groups by level
    There are 4-6 people per coach, which makes it possible to focus the coach's attention on the hockey player's personality.

    Groups are not based on age, but on the level of training.
  • Video analysis of training sessions
    Video analysis of the training sessions that help improve the intensity and quality of the training process.

    Hockey players then quickly learn the technique of performing a certain element.
  • Individual summary for each hockey player
    At the end of the shift, the coaching staff will write an individual summary for each hockey player about his strengths and weaknesses, and will indicate what needs to be emphasized
  • NHL tournaments, bowling
    For relaxation and team building - an NHL tournament, played on the XBOX, at the end of the training camp - the winner will receive a branded gift from the EAGLES training center
    HOCKEY TAPE freely available in the locker room
    DRYING AREA where the player can leave their unform
    DRINKING WATER freely available in the locker room
    PHOTOS all PHOTOS will be uploaded to Disk

Eagles Camp isn't just for field players. Goalkeepers are trained separately, according to their own program with a goalkeeping coach.

5 training days of 2 hours of ice, 2 hours of earth and video analysis of the training process.
Does Your hockey player have a goalie role?

Cost of the training process
The price includes a 3-day training process:
6 hours of ice, 2 hours of throw training on synthetic ice, 1 hours of General physical and special training, 1 hour of video analysis and theory, entertainment program every evening.

And also:
storage of uniforms in the locker room for the entire period of training camps, drinking water is freely available, a training Jersey, photos of the training process, a lot of gifts and a great mood!
How do I register for the collection, how and where is the payment made, and what is the required set of documents to collect?
How do I know that my hockey player is registered?

Application and consultation
You leave a request on the site, entering the necessary data for us.

After leaving the application, you will be contacted by the school administrator Anastasia.

Tells the details of the collection, answers all your questions

Leaving a request, your hockey player is included in the list of participants, but you do not fix the place with the application!

Contact Anastasia
-8 (911) 268-51-62

Package of documents
When there are no questions left,
we send the contract signed by us to your email address.

You need to sign it and send a scanned copy of the document back to the post office, attaching a certificate from the pediatrician about permission to play hockey and a birth certificate of the hockey player.

Total electronic documents:

1. Contract;
2. Help from the pediatrician;
3. Saint of birth.

Payment of fees
Fixing a place at the training camp is a prepayment of 10,000 rubles. It is paid within 7 days after receiving the contract.

Payment for the remaining part is made one month before the start of fees.If there is less than a month left before the training camp, 100% payment is made!

Payment is possible online and at the hockey center at the address: Saint Petersburg, Magnitogorsk 51F.

Meeting in the center only by prior arrangement.
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